Growing 420 Lighting

LED Grow Lights, Hgrope 5W LED Clip Desk Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck Light for Office, Home, Indoor Garden Greenhouse

Recommend distance and power on timePut the grow lights about 10'' to 16" far away from your plants, then it won't burn leaves. Turn on the lights 10-14 hours/day, DO NOT make your plants in photosynthetic all the time, they need rest too. Please be notedNew generation of light on sale from now on, this new one improved the head of lamp, it thicker and smoother, y

T5 Grow Light (2ft 4lamps) DL824 Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs

This is a brand new, never-before-opened 2 ft 4-lamp fluorescent grow-light. Plug in and go with this beautiful light. Perfect for indoor gardens, greenhouses, almost anywhere. If you buy multiple, you will be able to connect them together with daisy chaining. For max yield, make sure to place fixture as close to the plant as possible. Fluorescent fixtures do not get hot enough to damage the plant

Lithonia Lighting GRW 2 14 CSW CO M4 White Grow Light, 2-Feet

The grow light allows for indoor gardening year-round and features a rugged post painted metal housing with a white finish. T5 fluorescent bulbs us 75% less energy than incandescent and last up to 20,000 hours.

SLR Lighting LED Grow Light Strips Five 20 Inch Strips Kit for Plants Indoor, Outdoor, Gardens, Closets, Greenhouses, Vegetables, Herbs, & Flowers with 250 Red & 50 Blue for Hydroponics & Horticulture

Grow Faster Grow faster with proper LEDs SLR Lighting Grow Strips use only PAR LED TechnologyTM that have carefully tuned colored LEDs for producing an ideal artificial sunlight to promote healthy indoor hydroponic plant growth Far-Red LEDs: Provide wavelengths that work specifically to achieve photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting regulation in plants. Blue LEDs: Advo

iPower GLT5XX4 Head Start T5 54W 6400K Fluorescent Grow Light System with Stand Rack for Seed Plant Starting, 4-Feet, Premium-Quality UL/CSA-listed

IPower's T5 System delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment. These daisy-chainable systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your garden's design. By combining high-efficiency aluminum reflector with energy-efficient/high-output T5 bulbs and put out double the energy of normal fluorescent systems.

Hydrofarm T5 Grow Light System for Seed / Plant with Stand, 4-Foot

The 4 ft wide Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% more lumens than traditional grow lights. It features a simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment, and the fixture has an internal reflective finish that directs more light to plants. Ideal for African Violets, or

BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Welcome to Newest Bestva Version powerful double chips 10W LED Grow Light best for plants, using effective full spectrum 360-870nm sunlight spectrum for plants, largely accelerate the plant growth. - BESTVA Spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing. - Scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high Lumen and suitable Coverage. Th

T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs

This listing is for a brand new, never-before-opened 4 ft 4-lamp fluorescent grow light. Plug in and go with this beautiful light. Perfect for indoor gardens, greenhouses, almost anywhere. If you buy multiple, you will be able to connect them together with daisy chaining. For max yield, make sure to place fixture as close to the plant as possible! Fluorescent fixtures do not get hot enough to dama

2 PACK #Dimmable# 10W BR30 LED Plant Grow Light Bulb, UL-listed Full Spectrum Hydroponic Lighting for Indoor Planting, Gardening, Green House, Dimmable, 120° Flood Light

Modern farming essential With this LED plant grow light, you can now grow your favorite plants inside your house without worrying about the weathers outside. The Torchstar LED plant grow light produces the two most important wavelengths from the spectrum that's responsible for healthy growing plants. The real growth light that actually works, stop wasting your money on the ineffici

TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb , Grow Plant Light for Hydropoics Greenhouse Organic ( E26 12w 3 Bands)

TaoTronics Plant Grow Lights can grow any indoor gardening and hydroponics plants. This Led grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables. These led plant grow light are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. Led Grow lamp make excellent choices f

Lightimetunnel 45W LED Grow Light Panel Red Blue Lighting for Indoor Plants Seedling Growing Flowering

This led grow light panel is suitable for cloning, vegetative and flowering cycles, especially performs well for cultivating seedling stage. Red LEDs:630nm wavelength, works in the plant flowering, fruiting,budding stages, improve the harvest Blue LEDs: 470nm wavelength,greatly absorbed by plants for photosynthesis, promote plant growth. Specification: Size

GLIME Led Grow Light Bulb,SMD 5730 Full Spectrum Bulb E27 Grow Plant Light Lamp for Flowering Lighting Indoor Garden Greenhouse and Hydroponic Aquatic

Description: -Item Type: Grow Lights -Is Dimmable: No -Voltage: 85-265V -Features: saving energy -Body Material: Aluminum -Power Source: AC -Light Source:LED Bulbs -Model Number: led grow light -Wattage: 30W 50W 80W -For: Flower Plants,Hydroponics and Vegetables -Item: SMD 5730 led grow light -Base Type: E27 -Full Spectrum: 30W:22Red+12Blu

MarsHydro Mars300 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum ETL Certification Lighting for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Garden Plants Growing 132W True Watt Panel

Mars300 led grow light was designed full spectrum for satisfying almost indoor plants growers. Mars Hydro has been a premiere led grow lights manufacturer since 2009? has own research,design, development, production and testing teams to support the high quality products. All Mars grow lights will be tested for 48 hours before shipping, to make sure each light in their perfect condition

Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower

Galaxyhydro 3w series--300W LED Grow Light,provided by professional grow lights manufacturer, with the most useful spectrum, higher PAR value, upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and cooling fans, which is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages. Spectrum: Our 300W grow lights spectrum has been developed by our engineer and indoor growers o

LED Grow Light,Oak Leaf 24W Plant Bulb High Efficient LED Grow Lights Growing and Flowering Lighting for Indoor Garden and Hydroponic Plants

Description: Live in a place where rainy days occupy most of the calendar? Born in a cold climate where plants need to grow indoor? Get confused about getting the proper light for the health growth of plants? Don't worry! Oak Leaf LED Grow Lights are here to help! What light color do I need for plant growth in different stages? -Blue light (400-470nm is t

Hydrofarm FLV42 Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture, 4-Feet

Brighten any space and help chase away those winter blues. Ideal for seedlings,cuttings,plants like african violets,orchids,flowering bulbs and more.Constructed of durable lightweight steel housing. Mounting chains & "S" hook included for hanging. Compatable with all Jump Start systems and comes with an instant start energy saving ballast. Thermally protected and corrosion resistant. Accepts two T

Future Harvest Development Sun Blaster 26W CFL 6400K Lighting

Grow flowers and herbs indoors year round! Most indoor lighting is yellow-orange, the narrowest part of the light spectrum. Full spectrum lighting contains all colors of the rainbow and is balanced like natural daylight, making them excellent for indoor gardening where the sun's natural light is not available. Full spectrum ensures proper development and maximum growth.

LE LED Grow Lights, 12W E26/E27 PAR38, 3 Bands, 30° Beam Angle, Plant Lights, Red + Blue for Hydroponic,Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, Greenhouse Lighting , Grow Light Bulbs

Helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants. The growing lamp emits the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants photosynthesis. 460 nanometers is the peak wavelength for producing Chlorophyll and Carotenoid, which are necessary for healthy leaves, so the blue light is good for stem and leaf growth. 660 nano-meters is the peak wavelength for photosynthesis an

OxyLED OxyGrow GL03 7W LED Plant Grow Light, 360 Degree Adjustable Indoor Plant Lights with Clip

OxyLED - Natural Life, Natural Lights Equips with 7 LED(2 blue & 5 red), this GL03 Plant Grow Light is a great help when plants need extra boost of light or a few sun when it is raining, snowing or cloudy. It provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance hence improving plants' healthy growing. Constructed with metal aluminum in heat dissipation

LEDENET SMD 5730 Aquarium LED Lights - Waterproof Aluminum Lighting - Cold White and Blue Fish Tank Strip Lamp - LED Plant Grow Lighting 12V DC (Cold White and Bule, 30cm Long)

It's never been faster or easier to add light, accent and shimmer to your tank - without all that other stuff like heat and noisy fans. Put beautiful, shimmering light right where you want it with a simple, super-efficient, connectable LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into your existing set up. Available in multiple brilliant color spectrums, LEDENET provide the ultimate lighting

Woods 0151 150-Watt Clamp Light with 8.5-Inch Reflector and 6-Foot 18/2 SPT-2 Cord

Woods 0151 18/2-Gauge SPT-2 Clamp Lamp with 8.5-Inch Reflector, 150-Watt, 6-Foot Cord. On off push through switch and rugged molded-on plug.This lamp will accept up to a 150-watt Light bulb with a standard Medium Base.Find many uses around your home or office. Provides extra light in workshops, basement, or garage. Versatile multi-use utility lamps with polished and vented aluminum reflectors. Eac

Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 4' Foot 54W 6400K T5 Grow Light System for Plant Growing

Each grower and the plants they nurture are different, and Purple Reign's T5 Grow Light Systems and products are here to meet those unique needs. We believe in keeping things simple: Provide the best grow light products at the best value. Our T5 Fixtures are easy to assemble, durable, energy-efficient, and adjustable to any growers' needs -- All at a low price -- So you can get growing right away

Timack LED Grow Light 10W Desk Plant Grow Lamp Clip Blue/Red Adjustable 6 Levels Dimmable with 360° Flexible Gooseneck for Office, Home, Indoor Plants Hydroponic Garden Greenhouse Organic

Solar radiation is a necessary factor for plant growth in addition to nutrition and water. Adequate lighting not only allows them to grow healthy, but also make them colorful, but each grower knows that sunlight is beyond control. LED as supplementary light, at any time of the day can enhance the light, so as to always help plant photosynthesis. Whether at dusk or at night, can effectively extend

Lightimetunnel Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum UV IR Lamp Indoor Plant Lighting for Flowering and Growing with Daisy Chain

Specification LED Output Power: 100pcs*3watt Worldwide Voltage: AC100~240V Frequency: 50/60 HZ Warranty: 2 years Certificates: CE FCC RoHS View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°mixed Working Environment: -20?? 40? Suggest Working Time: Vegetative Stage: 14-18 hours on Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours on Actual power: 125w±3% Recommended Height to Plan

Lightimetunnel 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum UV IR Lighting for Indoor Plant Hydroponics Veg Flowering

Full spectrum 9 band,including UV and IR: br> 430~440nm, 450~460nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, white, IR(730nm) , UV 380~400nm, 470nm Specifications: LED Output Power: 100pcs*3watt Worldwide Voltage: AC100~240V Frequency: 50/60 HZ Size: 12.1*8.2*2.4inches Actual power: 140w±3% Coverage Area: Veg Growth: 2'×2' =4sq.ft Bloom F

[Pack of 5]eSavebulb Led Grow Light Strips 5W Soft Led Light Bar 30 leds 25Red/5Blue 5050SMD DC 12V Led Grow Light for Indoor Plants Hydroponic System Kit(Adaptor Included)

Item type: grow light Product weight:600 /5pcs Wattage: 5 Watt Number of LED: 30 leds(25red +5Blue) Body temperature: less than 60°C Material type: Aluminum LED working temperature: less than 65°C Input Voltage:DC 12V. 5A Power Supply Adaptor:Input Voltage:AC 100-240V Output Voltage:DC 12V Suitable For Led Strips and any other AC 100-

Agrobrite FLT44 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 4 Feet, 4 Tube

Hydrofarms new Designer T5 System delivers performance, flexibility, and high lumen output in any growing environment. These systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your gardens design. They combine German specular aluminum with energy-efficient/high-output T5 bulbs and put out double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems. System includes 4 fluorescent 6400K, T

eSavebulbs 800W Full Spectrum Led Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Greenhouse Grow Tent Hydroponic Lighting Bulb AC 85V~265V

Specification:  Item type: grow light Number of LED: 800 leds Body temperature: less than 60°C  Material type: Aluminum  LED working temperature: less than 65°C  Safety certification:FCC,CE,RoHS,UL Input Voltage:AC 85-265V  Warranty:1 year Application: indoor garden, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant,